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Surgical Gloves

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  • gloves disposable for protection closure
  • ✓ HIGH QUALITY : High-quality gloves are designed for professional use to keep your hands protected. With enhanced strength and tear resistance they offer unmatched reliability.
  • ✓ APPLICATIONS : Laboratory printing, medicine, health, beauty salons and food processing, factory workshops, vehicle maintenance, tattoo hairdressing and so on.
  • ✓ CONVENIENT AND COMFORTABLE: Gloves open and slide on easily, allowing for greater convenience and ease of use.
  • ✓ EASY TO USE: Easy opening, quick to put on with fast removal even when wet. Easy access dispenser keeps gloves clean and organized and made to fit all hand types.
  • ✓ SIZE: One size fits most; gloves extend to cover part of the wrist as well to provide further protection from splashes and messes.
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