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Antibacterial cloth mask 3 layer, 4 dimensions

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You want to buy an antibacterial cloth mask but you have not found a suitable product

You try to experience our product!

Why do customers choose us?

6 reasons customers choose us

1. Protection
3-layers defense system that is made from antimicrobial fabric.

2. Aesthetic
(3D) structure to help avoid the face from touching the mask and adjustable straps to help fit the user's face.

3. Nano Silver Technology
Antimicrobial cotton cloth that help reduce more than 80% bacterial rate.

4. Legality
Meets all technical requirements of the National Technical Regulation QCVN 01: 2017 / BCT and granted a certificate to sale.

5. Economical
Hand wash and air dry up to 30 times per mask.

6. Guarantee
The products are made always with the highest quality.

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